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The knowledge on US-healthcare domain, Interoperability and Message standards are not so easy to find in open source to learn about it in a free of cost. The main intention of this blog is to provide visibility and wisdom to those who seek the help to understand Healthcare in both business perspective as well as technical perspective.

This Blog is primarily built to provide more insight on US Healthcare domain in a technical perspective. I have primarily focused only on Interoperability, that acts as bridge of two end connectivity.

From the back-end perspective, I will be providing a detailed way of using  RDBMS with MySQL/MSSQL and flat-file DB like MongoDB,Cassandra . I will touch-base with various aspects of coding any difficult scenarios and providing solutions for it.
I primarily focus on providing solutions for Interoperability  using various Healthcare Integration Engines. Including the programming languages like JAVA, .Net & Perl

I can assure you that the codes provided in this blog can be used as it is, since it will be tested in my environment and produced in Blog.

This blog do not contain vituperative contents of any sorts, no vulgarity, no personal opinions etc.This Blog also follows HIPPA standards that way we even do not reveal any patient information  at any cause. There is no sensitive client information / client specific codes / trade secrets are revealed in this blog.This is purely a technical blog that will help the healthcare enthusiastic people to learn, grow and share their knowledge on.


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