DFT – Detailed Financial Transaction Messages

What is DFT Message?

The DFT message describes a financial transaction that is sent to a billing system and is used for patient accounting purposes. This message include ancillary charges or patient deposits.

Trigger events for the DFT-P03 message include:

  • Procedure ordered
  • Procedure scheduled
  • Procedure completed
  • Future will define Report events for professional fees

Sample Message:

PID|1|10476|10476^^^MR&^MR^^^^^SS||Duck^Daffy||20100201|M|||123 Test St.^^Fort Wayne^IN^46125||||||||999999999|||||||||||
FT1|1|||20100212000000||CG|76775|||1||||||^^^^407^^^^TESTLOCATION ||I|440.0~441.4|20^Stewart^Patrick^^^DO|||114078|20^Stewart^Patrick^^^DO|76775|
PR1|1|CPT|76775||20100212000000|||||||20^Stewart^Patrick^^^DO ||||
DG1|1|ICD9|440.0|Atherosclerosis of abdominal aorta||F|||||||||0|20^Stewart^Patrick^^^DO|D
DG1|2|ICD9|441.4|AAA - Abdominal aortic aneurysm||F|||||||||0|20^Stewart^Patrick^^^DO|D

Fields & Descriptions:

DFT Message


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