Create Mirth Environment in AWS (Amazon AMI)

Setup Java:

Check if the Java JDK is installed in the system. use the below command to confirm

java -version

if it returns java: command not found then you have to install java in the machine.

yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk

you will need a (sudo) in front to perform that action as a root user. sudo yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk. This will install the complete Java 1.8.0 package for you.

perform java -version again. this will give you the below resultjdk install success

Install Mirth connect:

Download Mirth connect by using the below command, the below link is for the version 3.6.0

sudo wget

unzip the downloaded file by using the following command

sudo tar xvfz mirthconnect-3.6.0.b2287-unix.tar.gz

once you unzip you can see a new mirth connect folder available (with a space between Mirth and Connect). you will not use the tar.gz file anymore, you can delete it by using the below command

sudo rm -r mirthconnect-3.6.0.b2287-unix.tar.gz

It’s always better to move the spaced folder to space-less folder and keep it inside the opt directory. Perform the following command for it

sudo mv Mirth\ Connect/ /opt/mirthconnect

Mirth will need two ports one is 8080 and another is 8443, you need to enable these two ports in the security group of the AWS  console.


Navigate to security groups and select launch-wizard-1 group name. The click on Inbound tab and click Edit button. Add the ports as shown in the picture below


Now we need to start the Mirth Service to run on the remote system. Navigate to opt/mirthconnect/ and type the below command

./mcservice start

Getting AWS remote mirth in local:

Type the IP address and the webstart port of the mirth connect in your browser URL





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