Myself Vibinchander.V is a US Healthcare domain oriented technical person. Who is interested in learning new things and adopting them no matter where we are either in personal life or in professional life.

This Blog is completely focused on Healthcare Interoperability, where I will explain how to achieve solutions for interoperability problems primarily using the Mirth (open source tool). I have worked with multiple cases, scenarios, faced many issues and multiple message formats from what I understand is that it is really important to document the learned aspects of Healthcare.

I have experience in HL7v2, EDI x12, CCDA etc. I focus on the RDBMS database as the back-end preferably with MySQL. I’m also finding a way to inter connect interoperability to a NoSQL concept. Where I’m focused in MongoDB.

If you are a healthcare person you will definitely find my blog interesting and you will have a lot to learn from it. I will provide Codes, channels and offer multiple helps on the code if you drop your comments below in here.

I’m primarily a JAVA focused person, you will also find more JAVA codes here along with the mirth oriented codes. If you want to communicate or contact me in person please use the contact details on the contact page


Please View Resume here : vibinchander_healthcare_integration_specialist



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