Environment Setup For ReactJS

We the the following things to setup the reactJS environment in the system

I’m using Windows version 8.1. 64bit computer system to perform this. Follow the below procedures and have happy coding.

Setup NodeJS & NPM:

Go to https://nodejs.org/en/ website and download the LTS version.



Install Visual Code:

Visual code seems to be “the” best editor for JS code and it manages the packages and routes fairly than the rest of the others.

Download from this site https://code.visualstudio.com/Download And I’m using the configuration mentioned¬† in the screenshot



Create React-App:

Open the command prompt for NodeJS.

provide the following commands

node –version

Should give you the version number

npm –version

should give a version number

Now run command to install react-app:

npm install -g create-react-app

you see the following after the installation is done


create-react-app –version¬†

Should display 3.0.0 version (any other shouldnt be expected here)

Run React Project:
Navigate to the project folder
cd <projectname>

npm start

Happy coding!!!!!!!!!!!


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