ORM – Order Message

What is ORM Messsage?

  • In the HL7 Standard, an order (ORM) is any request for materials (e.g., 500 ml of 2.5% saline) or services (e.g., a range of motion study, an EKG, a lipid panel, etc.).
    Orders are usually for a particular patient, but they can also be for a department (e.g., floor stock) or for a non-patient (e.g., an environment study where no specific patient is involved.)
  • The transmission of clinical orders occurs between the application placing the order (the placer) and the clinical application filling the order (the filler).

Sample Message:

PID|||12001||Jones^John^^^Mr.||19670824|M|||123 West St.^^Denver^CO^80020^USA|||||||

Fields & Descriptions:

ORM Message



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