SIU – Scheduled Information Unsolicited

What is SIU Message?

Scheduling Information Unsolicited (SIU) messages are used to communicate information about a patient’s appointment from the hospital scheduling system to a physician or clinic’s practice management system.The SIU messages are generated by the hospital scheduling system and let a physician know that outpatient services are being requested.There are 14 different trigger events for the SIU message, but they all use a common message format.

An SIU message can contain the following information:

  • Notification of new appointment booking
  • Notification of appointment rescheduling
  • Notification of cancellation
  • Notification of addition, modification, cancellation, discontinuation, or deletion of
  • service or resource on appointment

Sample Message:

SCH|00331839401|||||58||HLCK^HEALTHCHECK ANY AGE|20|MIN|^^^200803061000 |||||JOHN||||VALERIE|||||ARRIVED|
PID|1||489671|0|SMITH^MICHAEL^||20080205|F|||176215TH STREET^HOUSTON^TX^77306||(832)795-8259|||S|||999999999||||||||||||
PV1|1|O|||||HHR^NGUYENSUSAN MD|^||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||
AIL|1||HHR^FPCS NGUYEN, MD||||||||||

Fields & Description:

SIU Message


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